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Welcome to Serenity Assurance In-Home Care Services, Contra Costa County, CA. Premiere 24 hour assistance for the geriactric community. At Serenity Assurance In-Home Care Services we understand the value of a loved one and how special they are. We can act as the primary caregivers to offer services without having to result into a long-term facility, but have 24 hour assistance in your very own home.




_*Caregiver's Eyes*
By Rose Marie Trosper_

_A caregiver's eyes tell me everything I need to know.
Their sadness, their fatigue,
the overwhelming feelings that consume them.
How do I tell them how much I care,
how much I would do... if I could?
These precious souls with hearts of gold,
forgotten by those who should be so close,
and, yet, they are so distant._

_Do they know how often I feel the burning questions,
those that haunt their every waking moment?
The ones that ask... why me,
how much longer... how much more?
I would change their world if only I could,
if only miracles were mine to give,
if only I held the power,
if only I had wings._

_Don't they know they already have their own wings,
and that they teach me so much?
More than I could ever offer to them in return.
Do they know I watch over them
as best I can with the watchful eyes
of a mother, a friend?
Or, that they are in my heart,
each one so cherished, so unique._

_A caregiver's eyes tell me everything I need to know.
But every now and again,
I see a faint smile, a knowing look
that says...... thank you, my friend.
It is in those moments that I know
I am where I should be.
And, for as long as they need me....
this is where I can be found._


As the President of this organization, with this poem, I wanted to express my sincere heart of caring and giving. 

Maria Faye Barney, LVN 




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